Here (7th original album)

by Inner Science

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Extralife Agreed with the review on this page: Like a long lost successor to Sun Electric - Live '94. Beautiful tones. Smooth vibes.
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■ Artist : Inner Science
■ Title : Here

■ Cat# / PLCD-1006 (12tracks、Totaltime 40:20)
■ Format /
 [ CD ] Plastic Case
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■ Label / Plain Music
■ Distribution / (In Japan)


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Inner Science is a project from a Japanese Electronic music producer/ track maker Masumi Nishimura. In addition to his own music production, live performances and DJing, he gets his hands on numerous other activities such as remixing other artists and making sound for events and installations. However, it’s safe to say that his main focus of self expression has always been centered around this solo moniker. “Here” is the seventh studio album from Inner Science following “Self Figment” which came out around a year and a half ago.

At first listen, it reminded of the timeless masterpiece of Sun Electric’s “30.7.94 Live” from 20 years ago. Arguably one of the best works in the history of ambient techno that was recorded live using immense collages and electronic sounds in 1995. “Here” is easily comparable to such an opus in terms of its strength and brilliance of electronic sound expressions.

From electronica to hip hop, techno to avant-electronics… his beeps and bleeps effortlessly skip around over the whole spectrum. The soft illuminated vision he paints with them spreads through the speakers and diffuse into the air as if it conceals all the darkness. A very optimistic world unfolds.

Coming from the hip hop back ground, where he currently stands is entirely unique. His lucid synthesizer sounds have become a sort of a trademark of Inner Science production. Needless to say, it’s in the combination with his beats and mixing skills that give his signature sounds to shine through.

The 2011 release “Elegant Confections” was accompanied by disc 2 which contained the ambient version of the original. Even before that, he had more ambient inclined outputs under the name Portral where his use of delicate electronic tones were already significant. And with the completion of preceding album “Self Figment” and the first collection of the abstract electronic collages “Assembles 1-4” released last year, his further explorations with electronic sound expressions reach to the peak. (FYI, The second collection of “Assembles” is due to be out this year.)

This is how he returned to his Inner Science project. The electronic excursions he took in “Assembles” are now in the hands of experienced beat maker side of him, and whipped into more musical structures with plenty of room to elegantly dance in.

The term electronica doesn’t do justice to the music that’s presented here.
This album contains audio expressiveness of electronics, and the world that could only be represented by electronic sounds.

It’s music that celebrates life, and the joy of electronics.

Yusuke Kawamura / OTOTOY ( Translated by Yuko Asanuma )

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<「Here」Track List >

01 – Introduction for Here
02 – Bare
03 – Fantastic Distance
04 – Ivy
05 – Well
06 – Vary
07 – Winking Rabbit
08 – Twin Birds
09 – Not Far From Here
10 – Neko
11 – Silent Thing
12 – Even More

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< Inner Science – Profile/プロフィール>


A solo project by Masumi Nishimura. In which he creates an original kind of electronic music using his signature shimmering tones and melodies along with a wide spectrum of rhythms that is uncategorisable to conventional genres. In his performance, he plays his own materials by editing and applying dub mix on the fly, or DJs with broad selection of records that reflects his diverse musical tastes, not only in clubs and live venues, but also in multimedia/ art events, as well as at open air parties catering many types of audiences day and night.


released September 16, 2015