Self Figment (6th original album)

by Inner Science

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■TITLE : Self Figment

■Cat# / PLCD-1002 (12tracks、53min)
■FORMAT /  [ 1st Press CD only ]
 [ 2CD ] (Original & Bonus Disc)、Folded Paper Sleeves
 [ DIGITAL ] iTunes Store、Beatport、Amazon etc…
■LABEL / Plain Music


Artwork by Movius

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The elegant and original electric music, which has lucidity and filled with colorfully arranged rhythms.Inner Science has just finished up his latest 6th album “Self Figment”. This album supplies us exquisite and ingenious tones, at the same time as elegant and affectionate melody. These musically elements make “Self Figment” already one of the year’s most anticipated releases.

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<「Self Figment」Track List >

01 Introduction for Figment
02 Between Whiles
03 Melting Again
04 Begin to Shift
05 Two Suns
06 Emerge
07 Fleeting Echo
08 Bound to Different
09 During a Given Moment
10 Come Through
11 Prelude to Dawn
12 Burgeon

<「Self Figment」Bonus Disc (of the first press CD) Track List>
(01-07 Beatless version / 08 Short version)

01 Between Whiles
02 Melting Again
03 Two Suns
04 Fleeting Echo
05 During a Given Moment
06 Come Through
07 Burgeon
08 Melt Ingredient

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< Liner Notes / ライナーノーツ >

It has been past over 10 years since I know this peculiar Japanese artist, Inner Science. I do not think I am the only one who amazed at his fast evolution. That because he has pursued his own music taste for a long time. He does not even look at the trend at that time. That about sums it up. That’s why I have been supported him for long stretches and hang out closely with him. He had so many live shows and DJ sets almost every parts and cities in Japan so far, and now, finally he has finished up his 6th full length album in his career, which is called “Self Figment”. The album is including 12 brand new tracks. The opening track “Between Whiles”, which is slow beat, hits you just after you start to playing the disc. After that, row beats blare out with some colorful layers of sound till the end of the album. You will see the deep 4/4 track “Two Suns”, and take a little break with a beat less track “Emerge”. Then you run into the last half of the album from the track “Fleeting Echo”, the tracks are getting to add more richness and complexity like “During a Given Moment” to “Come Through”. The last track “Burgeon” hits you with heavy drum sounds and everyone have to accept that Inner Science is now getting into the next level.

Just after I listened through this album, there are so many feelings, pictures, thoughts are coming up inside me. so I simply asked him these questions via e-mails.

Q: How do you perceive this album in your music career?

A: Any special meaning at all for me. Just same as usual. It has past two years since my last album “Elegant Confections”, I wanted to put myself simply into what I am right now. Every previous albums are important for me, and this album incises my progress and development.

Q: When you write your songs, what draw your inspiration from?

A: Basically I start from what I have at that moment. Its like drawing something on the blank canvas with the ideas I got. I keep working on it and round out the body. There is just one thing I strongly remembered that the last song from my last album called “End of the Beginning”, which came slow beat at the end. so I tried to make a new song to follow upon it, with slow beat. That was the original form of the first song of this album “Between Whiles”, but consequently the song came to different taste though.

Q: Ok, that’s a same impression what I got from the last part of “Self Figment”. The last song “Burgeon” has a same kind of resonance, and made me feel that there might be a continuation of your next album. What do you think about this?

A: I would say everything might connect each other, when I viewed in hindsight. That’s what album means, I guess.

Q: What is your ideal music, what kind of music do you really want to achieve?

A: I know this sounds too corny, but the music with a primordial style. and I want to enlarge its axis. I believe that’s the way how I protect my music from trends. If I keep myself strong with my own style, I will not be getting involved from the environment. Other way round, I can gulp it down. I would not bring it up easily until I digest it completely.

Go back in time a little to May 2012. Inner Science was staying in the Netherlands and I was in Switzerland back then. So we contacted each other and I asked him to come to Switzerland, if we could set some shows up here. Then 2 shows had booked in Zurich and Bern. I have seen his live shows many times in Japan, and now interested to see how his music affects and moves the audiences here in Europe. At the venue in Zurich, there were many enthusiastic music lovers who wanted to see an artist from Tokyo out of curiosity. Inner Science started to play his music on the stage just same as usual, coolly with easy poise. Some women were very intense and focused into dancing. An other guy at bar counter enjoy his drinking at an easy pace. His music surrounded everything in the room kindly and gently, everyone shared a delightful time. A beautiful moment. Now I listen to this album “Self Figment”, the music reminds me of this tender scenery. Wherever you are, this album and music will soak into yourself and in concert with your daily life. “Self Figment” should be delivered as many listeners as possible in the world, please enjoy.

March 2014, Junichi Saiki

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< Inner Science – Profile / プロフィール>

A solo project by Masumi Nishimura. He has been shaping his original electric music for over 10 years, which contains colorful and emotional soundscape with clear tones and glittery melodies. His music style refuses to fit into any existing musical genres. As a live act, he shows an extraordinary staging with his self made tracks, and also he is active in his DJ career, has been playing in various locations and regions.Inner Science has provided some mixes to online music websites.


released April 9, 2014